Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Fear can change a person. When someone is in fear their hearing can be distorted, their sight can be impaired. When scared people get shaky, sweaty, pale, or clammy. To overcome fear you have to face it. By learning how to cope with something you're afraid of, fear won't be a factor on your life. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


I think everyone wants to achieve power. People want to control other people, and in a way be more important than everyone else. With power comes competition. People below you will want your job, and people below them will want there's. It's natural for people to strive for something more. But there comes a point where people go to far. If someone below me tried to get me fired from my position, they would probably be fired from theirs. It shows weakness in a way. If they're unable to show ambition through hard work, then why should they have the job they have? Although, if someone is able to do my job better than me then they should be able to have it. If someone were to point out someone trying to sabotage me, they would be rewarded. Because faithfulness and honesty are good qualities in a worker.   

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dying after your time

Should scientists try to help people beat old age so we can live radically longer lives? Why?
     I think, in some cases, over coming certain diseases that elderly people normally have is important. Learning how to treat things like heart diseases, Alzheimer's, or other sicknesses that riddle the elderly community, can advance technology that can save the lives of younger people. 

How long would you want to live, if you could choose your life span? 
     I wouldn't want to live past an age where I can't function like an average person. When I'm elderly I don't want to be cooped up in a hospital room. I want to be able to walk around and live my life to the fullest. 

Do you agree with the author that “adding years to a life doesn’t necessarily make it any fuller?”
     I do agree with the author. Living in a hospital room for the last five years of your life won't make it any better. You may live longer, but you're not spending your time doing things that can benefit your life. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This I believe

 “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” A simple piece of art that has hung on the wall of my kitchen for many years has simply become a role model for me. When looking upon my 16 years of life, I can’t remember every exact moment. I remember things that changed my life, even in small ways. 
In ten years I won’t remember what I was doing at this exact moment. When I reminisce about my younger years, it won’t be the Sundays spent cramming in homework that I’ll remember. I'll smile at things like my embarrassing first kiss, the first time I tried a burrito, or the first time I rode a bike. Memorable moments like those will stick out in my mind most.
The first time I understood the piece of art on the wall in my kitchen was when I was about seven. My grandfather always came to stay at my house on Wednesday nights. After school on Thursday, he would take my sister and me to his apartment to walk on the beach and collect shells. After we scavenged the beach for sea glass and other trinkets we would stop at McDonalds or the Portland Public Market to pick up a snack. One day I chose to try the new grape flavored Hubba-Bubba bubble gum. On that specific day as my sister and I were chewing our gum in the back of my grandfather's little white car, she blew a bubble. I remember how amazed by her I was. That day I spent hours attempting to blow a bubble. Finally, as we were pulling into my driveway, I accomplished my goal. I was so excited, that I took the bubble out of my mouth and held it in my hand to show my mother. Being a goofy little kid, I accidentally dropped the gum onto the seat of my grandfather's car; almost immediately the gum stuck. I pulled at it, but there would forever be a bubble-gum-circle on the seat of his car. I remember how embarrassed I was. I walked into the house with my head down, scared that my parents would never allow me to chew gum again. Instead, my grandfather told my mom how long I’d spent trying to blow a bubble. They sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee and laughing.  I watched with amazement that they could take such joy in something as little as me blowing a bubble with my gum. That sign in my kitchen became a reality to me that day. 
I believe that cherishing the small things in life is important. I take every moment as a chance to make a memory. Every opportunity I get, I try to do something that I can look at in ten years and smile. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reflection upon personal writing

  • Explain one thing that you did this week that differed from your regular process. Talk about how it was different, why you tried it, and how well it worked for you.
This week we focused on writing personally. We reflected upon our own opinions, experiences, and memories. Recently I've tried to use my voice as much as possible. I try writing with phrases and words that I regularly say. Normally while writing I use a very analytical voice. I liked writing personally because I could focus on being goofy and trying to portray myself through my writing as much as possible. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Voice is an authors style that makes their writing unique. Voice is shown through patterns or speech characteristics. I believe the voice in my writing tends to be very analytical. In some ways it's still developing, but overall I think my voice is stern and set.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Self encyclopedia


Not just friends, more like sisters. Inseparable, uncontrollably stupid, foolish best friends. There's no prediction of how our time will be spent together. Although, at all times our actions are unnecessary and sometimes just plain dumb. Always in harmony with each other- and not the rest of the world.  

Videos, pictures : memories 

I document almost everything through my I-phone. Countless numbers of ugly snap chats and embarrassing photos of memorable events litter the memory space on my phone. An unbelievable collection of shameful selfies of friends and family fill my camera role. My I-phone is inevitably a hard copy of my memory. 


Soccer being my all time favorite, sports make me sane. Sweat drenched, adrenalin pumping, powerful beasts, players of all sports are fun to compete against and watch. The rush of emotions that overcome you as your running your butt of to get to the ball before your oponent is unbelievable. Watching as a football is run into the end zone creats a feeling of power for the fans and players the same. The bumps and bruises that mark athletes skin aren't trophies alone of the hard work and dedication put into defeating all other teams. Either watching or playing- sports bring me peace of mind.