Monday, December 9, 2013

How does the build up of these events work to free the men from the forces of the Combine?

     Forming a team, the men learn to work together. They are able to function in a group, giving them confidence to survive outside of the ward. When McMurphy forms the fishing trip group, and starts recruiting people, he's actually giving them an opportunity to be in the real world again. Mrs. Ratched tries to scare the men, but because of their confidence they are able to go on the trip.


Brittney and Sam <3

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting stuck

  • Describe something that frustrated you this week. Why was it frustrating? What can you do to avoid the frustration in the future?

Lately while writing I have been uninspired. I've been stuck staring at blank pages for very long periods of time. Coming up with stuff to write about is a very difficult thing. Broad writing assignments that could have a million different topics are sometimes over whelming. By only having a short amount of time on the piece, having to come up with a topic can be annoying. When I get stuck on an assignment I like to look around the room. I look at different objects to find something that will remind me of a memory, or look at different people to think of scenarios that could happen with them.  Sometimes discussing the assignment with other people helps as well. 

Monday, October 7, 2013


We were asked to come up with three goals this year. Mine were:
Focusing on strong word choice
I also want to add more detail to my pieces.
As well as give more structure to my sentences and writing as a whole.

I focused on these things because I always want to make my writing stronger. By focusing on word choice and structure I believe my writing will become more interesting. Sometimes while writing my pieces become plain and aren't very interesting to read. I want to use word choice to elevate the depth and emotion of my writing. By showing more detail when describing settings and people I can give more vivid pictures. My writing pieces aren't always fluent, so I really want to focus on my sentences flowing together. While writing I'm going to spend a lot of time revising and looking at the detail in my sentence structure. I've chosen these things because they will improve on every aspect of my writing. I hope that by spending more time on the detail in my pieces will make them stronger in the end.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First post

This year In English I hope to accomplish much. During the corse of this year I want to improve on my skills of grammar and punctuation. To improve on those two things I will spend more time reading my papers to insure that there are no mistakes. I also intend to read my papers aloud to myself, as to improve on spelling. Also while reading I want to improve on how I acquire and filter information from books. Normally I am reading more than one book at a time. So In hope to gather information from books effectively, I will take notes of key information in the text. Overall this year I want to improve constantly on my writing and reading skills. To improve in such a dramatic way I'll spend more time thoroughly writing and reading.