Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Self encyclopedia


Not just friends, more like sisters. Inseparable, uncontrollably stupid, foolish best friends. There's no prediction of how our time will be spent together. Although, at all times our actions are unnecessary and sometimes just plain dumb. Always in harmony with each other- and not the rest of the world.  

Videos, pictures : memories 

I document almost everything through my I-phone. Countless numbers of ugly snap chats and embarrassing photos of memorable events litter the memory space on my phone. An unbelievable collection of shameful selfies of friends and family fill my camera role. My I-phone is inevitably a hard copy of my memory. 


Soccer being my all time favorite, sports make me sane. Sweat drenched, adrenalin pumping, powerful beasts, players of all sports are fun to compete against and watch. The rush of emotions that overcome you as your running your butt of to get to the ball before your oponent is unbelievable. Watching as a football is run into the end zone creats a feeling of power for the fans and players the same. The bumps and bruises that mark athletes skin aren't trophies alone of the hard work and dedication put into defeating all other teams. Either watching or playing- sports bring me peace of mind. 

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  1. "Always in harmony with each other- and not the rest of the world." Love this line!